Our last Blog was on point!

Our last Blog was on point!

The last blog we posted could not have been more on point.  We use the right product for the right job.

If its sanitizing that’s needed there are a list of products to be used, but the standard is Clorox Bleach and it is listed several times by the CDC as the effective solution to eliminate Bacteria and Virus.  That’s why we have always used Clorox Bathroom cleaner.

With current issues, we have now expanded our cleaning to sanitize “Touch Points”.  These are the common items touched in a house such as Handles, Faucets, Knobs, Light Switches, etc.  We will finish every house with this final step before we leave, in order to assure we have sanitized the house.

Be assured that we are not just cleaning your house, we are sanitizing it too.


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