Premier House Cleaning with PEP

Premier House Cleaning with PEP

We provide premier house cleaning and I explain this through PEP:

P – People

  • We have the best people because we invest in our employees more than anyone else
  • We provide consistent team assignments so you have the same team coming back each time for the cleaning

E – Equipment

  • We use a backpack vacuum so we don’t sweep dust back in the air
  • Likewise the backpack vacuum does not have the hard wheels of the uprights that mar the floors

P – Products

  • We provide the best products in the industry, Scrubbing Bubbles, Bona, Etc.
  • These are proven products that give the best cleaning with the right companies that are friendly to the environment

We are proud to be able to know that we provide the best service in house cleaning.  We cover this process in our visit to completing our quotes.  We would be glad to show you how we can provide this premier service.